Ceramic vessels, jewellery, curious objects

         About Little Betty
Little Betty is New Zealand artist and maker Debra Powell.

I've been working with clay now for over twenty years. Firstly, employed as a painter of fine china figurines, then, after several years of art school, as a self employed studio potter.

A while back, I returned to study and got hopelessly hooked on academia, eventually emerging back into the real world with a doctorate in crime history. Having spent those years happily immersed in the seedy underworld of nineteenth-century homicide research - coronial inquests, forensics, courtroom intrigue and executions - these hands might be expected to produce something gloomy or ever so slightly macabre. What emerges though, is usually light and understated, sometimes quirksome, and always heartfelt.
I paint and draw, plant trees, make jewellery, sculptures, and vessels of all kinds. I also make music, both with my musician partner (as The Weatherspoons) and with a mad bunch of ukulele playing, killer-frock-wearing lovelies (Sylvia’s Toaster).

I’m a shameless collector of curious and homely things . . . serving dishes made to look like food, vintage frocks, the humble nana blanket, old hats, plaster fruit, stones with holes in them. I love red shoes and big old dogs; coming home after being away for a while; the word ‘ephemera’; and small, unexpected kindnesses. 

I’m inspired by the clever folk around me: talented musicians, skillful writers, creative crafters, canny academics and people who do what they do so brilliantly well.
Someone wise told me happiness comes from doing a bit of what you love on a daily basis. I like to make things and I’m lucky enough to do that every day.

If you would like to ask a question, make a suggestion,  
or just send me a cheery hello, 
I can be contacted at deepowl@gmail.com http://www.muffin.net.nz/muffin/Dark_Tales.htmlmailto:deepowl@gmail.comshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1